Analysis and computer modeling of magnetoelastic characteristics of FeNi-based amorphous ring-shaped core under uniform compressive and tensile stresses

J. Salach, R. Szewczyk, A. Bieńkowski, D. Jackiewicz


Paper presents methodology of generation of the uniform, compressive or tensile stresses in ring-shaped amorphous alloys core. In this study we use the set of special nonmagnetic, cylindrical backings. These backings enabled the core to be wound as well as create the possibility of generation of uniform compressive and tensile stresses. Using presented methodology the magnetoelastic characteristics were experimentally determined for Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 Metglas 2826 MB amorphous alloy. Knowledge about these properties is important for users of inductive components with amorphous alloys cores due to the fact, that changes of fl ux density due to magnetoelastic effect exceed 40%.

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