Analysis of new method of initialisation of neuro - fuzzy systems with support vector machines

K. Simiński


The correspondence between support vector machines and neuro-fuzzy systems is very interesting. The full equivalence for classification and partial for regression has been formally shown. The equivalence has very interesting implication. It is a base for a new method of initialization of neurofuzzy systems, ie. for creating of fuzzy rule base. The commonly used methods are based on reversion of item: the premises of fuzzy rules split input domain into region, thus premises of fuzzy rules can be elaborated by partition of input domain. This leads to three main classes of partition of input domain. The above mentioned equivalence results in new way of creating the rule base. Now the input domain is not partitioned, but the premises of fuzzy rules are extracted from support vector. The objective of the paper is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of this new method for creation of fuzzy rule bases for neuro-fuzzy systems.

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